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Oberschmeien belongs since 1972 to the city  of Sigmaringen and has about 500 residents. Earlier dominated  by  agriculture there are nowadays only two full-time farmers left over. Oberschmeien has a very active sports club and an active cultural and sportive living.

The  Schmeiental is one of the most silent and beautiful rocky valleys of  the Swabian Alb.  The „Schmeie" derived from their name from Middle High  German "smiugen" = to nestle, bend, arch, does its name all credit. It  has its source at the village Albstadt-Onstmettingen, writhing in  great loops around high cliffs and flows after 40 km  near Sigmaringen,  between Inzigkofen and Gutenstein, into the Danube.

Hikers  discover around Oberschmeien an ideal area for their wanderings; natural  meadows, beautiful forests, silent rocky  valleys, the hill  "Fürstenhöhe" (794 m above sea level) with Alpine views during clear  weather. In addition the holiday paradise Nature Park "Upper Danube" is  not far away.

Tips for activities in the Upper Danube Nature Park

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